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A letter to My Clients/ Future Friends,


Welcome to Joni Lynn photography. Throughout my years of eperience I have found that my passion for love, life and beauty have helped me to preserve memories of a lifetime. Whether it be a beautiful Santa Barbara Wedding, a new mother to be, new born baby or a family holiday card, I really enjoy getting to know my clients so that I can produce an image that envelopes everything that was special for them about a particular moment or event. Many of my clients have told me that working together is like shooting with and old friend. I like to create a comfortable setting where you can enjoy the moment and let me worry about the picture. Please enjoy the samples of my work. I look forward to helping you capture your life's most cherished moments in pictures that will allow you to celebrate them forever. Read what others are saying.


  • I'm a self-proclaimed dessert addict. I need a piece of cake at every wedding. No, really, it's a requirement, I put it in my contracts.

  • I graduated from the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography.

  • I love adventure, travel and experiencing new things. I get that with each and every new client. I never know exactly what I'm going to get, but I have to make it amazing every time.

  • One of my most memrable adventures was driving through Italy in my vintage Fiat while on a cooking tour with my mom.

  • I am a five year old at heart, I love rolling around on the grass just like a kid.

  • I love cooking. I love throwing things in a pot and making something nourishing and delicious that I can share.

P.H.T.O. (Personal Happenings & Truths Of) Joni Lynn

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